Freeroll Tournament Strategy Guide

Playing freerolls is very different from playing real money poker tournaments. Freerolls are tournaments that are free to enter. However, players cannot win huge cash. That is why many players do not take freeroll tournaments seriously. But by using a good freeroll strategy, a player can move up the game and start a small bankroll. You can also try to increase your bankroll with the free spins no deposit bonus that you can get from this website. It comes without requirements so you have nothing to lose.

Early Stages of the Freeroll

In the early stages of a freeroll, many players in a tournament table are there for fun. Thus, there is a more relaxed playing environment. A serious player can take advantage of this. Once he receives a decent high pair and there is an opportunity to double up, it is good to take the risk. However, there may also be other opponents who would take the opportunity to double up in every hand to get into a money seat. In this case, a player needs to play tight and raise only after a flop to protect his stack and to make it through the early stages.

Mid Stages and After the Bubble

When some players have been eliminated and the remaining players see a small prize pool, the game changes considerably. From a loose playing environment, the game will become tight as players take things more seriously. The tournament becomes a lot like real money game. It is in this stage when a player gets a chance to win a small amount of cash as well as gain experience on how to play in real money tournaments. It is also worthwhile to observe the playing styles of opponents who have more experience in the game.

To make it to the final table, a good freeroll strategy is to play only good hands. It is also a good strategy to rarely go big before a flop. There is usually a big difference in the size of stacks at the final table, so a player needs to play accordingly. If he is lucky to have a big stack, he can play aggressively and shove a few small stacks around. On the other hand, if he has a small stack, he may need to take a few chances. Reaching the money seat is worthwhile considering that freeroll tournaments are free to enter. With the right freeroll strategy, it is easier to get to the money seat regularly.