Mix Things Up With the Best Video Poker Games in the Industry

For the past ten years, there has been a bit of a boom in the online poker world. However, it's not for everybody because it takes a bit of a time commitment to sit down at a table and wait for the hands to be dealt. There's a lot of downtime, and the games aren't really fun with a lot of people playing tight, robotic, boring games. Use this time wisely and play real money slots at You will receive a welcome bonus that you can use to play these slots games for free, and if you win, you get rewarded big. So next time you are stuck waiting for a table to open, you know what to do. The video poker games produced by Microgaming are a great alternative to these games for a few reasons.

First, they offer up a very strategy-heavy setting for players who are competitive and like getting better to improve their win-rates. Second, the hands come a lot faster than when you're playing at a traditional table. There are also more games to choose from, so the action is just as crazy as you want it to be. You can with something straight-forward like Jacks or Better or something absurdly complicated like Deuces and Joker Wild. It's all up to you what you want, and you aren't forced into playing the most popular games like you are with hold'em or Omaha in traditional poker rooms.

A great place to get in on the action with these games, especially for Canadian players, is Jackpot City Casino. First off, this is the best Canadian casino - Jackpot City Casino. Second, they have hundreds of games to choose from including more than a dozen different video poker games thanks to Microgaming. They are known as being the king of video poker for a reason, and their great selection of titles is one of the reasons why they have held this title in the online gambling world for quite a while.

Known for being one of the most reliable sites around with a solid reputation built since way back in 1998, Jackpot City is highly-recommended for some very important reasons, especially for Canadian video poker fans. You can play directly in Canadian dollars, and this includes a ton of different variations of this type of game. A total of 16 different titles are available, but you can also play seven other games that are multi-hand versions of standard formats. With correct play, a whooping 10 of these games allow for payout rates higher than 99 percent which puts them in the top elite tier of games when it comes to giving players chances of winning.