Be the top player by knowing when to fold in poker

Poker has always been stereotyped as a game that's only about aggression. It is thought that all a player has to do is bet and raise to win the game. However, seasoned players know there is more to poker than that. They realize that more than just showing aggression, it is ideal to know when to fold in poker with the cards they are dealt.

Folding is oftentimes viewed negatively since it is perceived to go against our strategies. Nobody really joins a poker room and prioritizes how many cards they can fold on that day. The Western world influenced us to think that aggression is the key and knowing when to fold in poker is not really essential. As a result, folding feels superficial during a game.

But this is a very wrong mindset. Folding is not a disadvantage. The truth is, deciding when to fold in poker is very crucial if you want to win the game. This game can be like martial arts. A player has to be patient to inhibit from the showdown in the table. Just like the best martial artists, the top players are observant of their opponents' moves and wait for the best time to strike.

The biggest problem with folding is it has the tendency to irritate other players if the one folding is taking too long. But that is just because these players haven't really gotten around the fact that folding is essential in this card tournament. Players should really start accepting that folding is an imperative part of the game and that there will be games that will take extended periods of time and all a player can really do is just fold.

Usually, when a player has been folding for a long time, they begin to think they must play whatever hand they can just so they have done something aside from folding. Do not let yourself be one of these players. Stand by the strategies you initially developed when it comes to choosing what hands to play.

Do not be frustrated if all you have been doing for the past hours. Use this as a chance to improve your patience as this is the best trait that will help you win the game. Do not expect anything from the game. When you finally have the playable hands, do not hesitate and go for the kill.